MSU, Wayne State Criticized For Finding Tuition Hike 'Loophole

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Ferris State and Grand Valley State university leaders say they won't consider a winter tuition increase after lawmakers said two other state schools used “a legal loophole” to set rates above cap on tuition increases.

State budget director John Nixon ruled that Michigan State University and Wayne State University are in “technical compliance” with a policy aimed at keeping tuition increases for the 2011-12 academic year below 7.1 percent.

State lawmakers approved a budget this month cutting state aid to state public universities by 22 percent, but reduced the cut to 15 percent of is the schools kept their tuition hikes below 7.1 percent – as all reported to do when rates were set this year.

But lawmakers said the budget bill failed to define “academic year,” creating a loophole. MSU leaders argued that their increased was based on a summer 2011 rate, not the fall figure.

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