More Renovations at Georgia Regents University President's House Not State Approved

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School officials have spent more than $280,000 on repairs and renovations at the Georgia Regents University president’s home since 2010 without seeking approval from the state Board of Regents, according to documents obtained by The Augusta Chronicle.

Questions about construction work at the state-owned home of GRU President Ri­cardo Azziz arose last week, when it was revealed that university officials were planning to add at least a $75,000 carport to the existing two-car garage at the 100-year-old house at 920 Milledge Road, know as Twin Gables.

Officials disclosed that the carport project had not been submitted for approval by the Board of Regents as required by policy for all presidents’ homes in the state university system.

Board spokesman John Millsaps said the project would need board approval before moving forward. Millsaps also said the board had not approved any renovation work at Twin Gables in the past several years.

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