More Out-Of-State, Foreign Students Apply To U of California Schools

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Sharply higher numbers of students from other states and countries applied for admission to the University of California this year, following UC's controversial efforts to recruit more such students for the extra tuition they pay, according to a report released Thursday.

At the same time, UC administrators said a new policy that reduced the standardized testing requirements for admission appears to have encouraged more Californians than ever to apply to the university system.

The number of non-Californians seeking to become UC freshmen in fall 2012 rose 56% over last year to about 33,000, officials said. About 93,300 in-state students, up 9.8%, applied for freshman entrance to at least one of UC's nine undergraduate campuses, even though the number of students graduating from the state's high schools remained level.

Overall, freshman applications to the university rose 19%, to 126,300.

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