More Grief Coming For ND Higher Ed Board (Opinion)

Ann McClure's picture

In their unending war with the North Dakota Board of Higher Education, some lawmakers are planning another attack in the upcoming legislative session.

While a variety of excuses are being offered, the truth is that the Legislature wants to grab more authority in state governance and can’t tolerate a constitutionally independent entity over which they have no direct control.

Most legislators accept the constitutional arrangement for the board, but there are a few in every session who are bent on grabbing more power. After 75 years, we have become familiar with legislative encroachment on this independent board created by the people in the 1930s to insulate it from politics. But the politicians never give up.

As a pretext for grabbing power, some legislators are pointing to the board’s handling of the UND Fighting Sioux logo. This is an ironic argument given that the whole logo fiasco was fathered by the Legislature in the first place. It was none of their business.

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