Mohawk Group Takes Spiritual Journey with Bending Earth II

Ann McClure's picture

In today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven society, it is easy to get lost in the clutter of conformity. As a response the Mohawk Group emphasizes authenticity with Bending Earth II, a next-generation sequel to the Company’s popular Bending Earth Collection. Inspired by the spiritual journey individuals are increasingly taking to find a sense of purpose, whether by shopping locally or rediscovering traditions, the Mohawk Group specifically created Bending Earth II to break the mold of mass consumerism with beautifully simple designs.

The modular carpet Collection negates present-day complexities with three captivating and purposefully understated patterns: Lateral Surface, Reflective Symmetry and Vanishing Point. Providing designers with styles that match the ebb and flow of design culture, Bending Earth II’s patterns seamlessly blend simplistic natural elements with sleek, sophisticated motifs that emerge and fade into the surface. The result is a reflective environment that mirrors delicately balanced landscapes seen in the far corners of the world, offering end-users ultimate peace of mind in any space.

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