Modo Labs Empowers Universities to Recruit Prospective Students on Mobile Devices

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Modo Labs, a Mobile-First portal solution provider, today announced Mobile Admissions 2.0, a full-featured mobile solution for boosting prospective student interest and enrollment. Admissions 2.0 provides expanded capabilities and a mobile-optimized CMS, offering the first solution that makes it possible to produce a beautiful mobile web site and rich native apps in less than a day.

Admissions 2.0 includes a user-friendly mobile authoring tool enabling admissions personnel to quickly design, build, customize and deploy feature-rich, multi-media mobile web sites and native apps, at any time, without technical assistance. It also seamlessly ties into a university’s existing data systems, as well as social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Top universities including the University of British Columbia and Indiana State University already use Modo Labs’ award-winning technology to improve mobile communications with their prospective students.

“Admissions 2.0 directly supports our recruitment and retention efforts, addressing the rapidly growing demographic of mobile-based prospects,” said Indiana State’s Web Services Director, Santhana Naidu. “With Modo Labs’ content publishing technology, we were able to deploy both an Admissions mobile web site and native apps, without any development resources. Now, the solution provides all the capabilities needed for recruits to fully explore the University from any mobile device.”

Admissions 2.0 was announced today at the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) Annual Meeting. Modo Labs is providing demonstrations of Admissions 2.0 at booth #535 in the Moscone Center in San Francisco through April 17. The AACRAO meeting is the premiere event for higher education admissions and registration professionals who represent more than 2,600 institutions and agencies in the United States and in over 40 countries around the world.

“More than 60 percent of prospective college students will be first introduced to a university through their mobile device. These students are part of the mobile-only generation, and it’s the way they interact with everything they do” said Stewart Elliot, CEO of Modo Labs. “With Mobile Admissions 2.0, universities can immediately make a powerful statement to these students, with the best possible mobile experience, and continue to provide them fresh material any time of the day, and every day of the week.”

Mobile Admissions 2.0 is available as part of the popular Modo Labs Mobile Campus Platform or as a standalone mobile website and/or native app. The Admissions solution can be themed with a custom logo, background colors and images and a choice of icon styles. Key features include:

  • Explore: Explore is the gateway to information about the school. It helps prospects learn a school’s facts & figures, its unique history and more. This is also a forum to portray campus life with text, photos and videos, while also listing of areas of study, including majors and programs.
  • Visit: This includes information on how to visit the school, driving directions, important places to visit on and off campus and campus tour timings. It also includes a mobile registration form to sign up via mobile. 
  • Apply: This navigates the prospect through school admissions. It provides the key components of the admissions process, including dates, application requirements, interview scheduling and more. It also includes an overview of the school’s financial aid process, statistics and important deadlines. 
  • Campus Virtual Tour: The Modo Labs Tour module is an optional extension to Admissions 2.0, and enables schools to engage prospective students, current students and visitors through a rich, interactive, multi-stop mobile tour complete with descriptive text, photos, videos, links and more.

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