Mississippi State U Creates Task Force to Increase Faculty, Staff Pay

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Mississippi State University President Mark Keenum has established a task force to raise salaries for MSU faculty members closer to the salaries of their peers at other Southeastern universities.

The task force’s creation was announced in the October MSU Faculty Senate meeting, but its first phase does not begin until Jan. 1. MSU Faculty Senate Vice President Jerry Emison said the task force is specifically designed to address a phenomenon called salary compression.

“When people are hired ... at assistant professor levels, our compensation for those people is (less than) what peer universities average,” Emison said. “As people get promoted to associate professor and then to full professor ... the amount of pay is not keeping up with the average of (the Southern Universities Group). This is referred to as compression, that there’s a squeeze on the payment of compensation.”

The Southern Universities Group, also known as SUG, includes the Southern Regional Education Board and 31 public institutions, spreading as far north as Delaware and as far west as Arizona.

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