Miscommunication Leads To Confusion On Alabama A&M Scholarships

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Alabama A&M University has been awarding a state-funded scholarship since 2009 but hasn't been reimbursed yet because of some missing paperwork.

A&M last week initially turned away 45 students who tried to enroll for the start of fall classes and discovered that the Knight-Sims Scholarship money they expected to cover tuition and fees was not available.

Alabama A&M said it has covered the costs of the Knight-Sims scholarship for its first two years and then sent invoices to the state for reimbursements. The school has worked to secure funding for the 45 students for the fall semester, and they have now been enrolled. But A&M is depending on future state funding to continue participating in the scholarship.

The Knight-Sims scholarship is available to eligible students from two-year Alabama community colleges seeking to transfer to Alabama A&M or Alabama State in Montgomery.

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