In Minnesota House Bill, College Funding Would Rise By $150M, With Tuition Freeze

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The Minnesota House higher education committee takes up a budget bill Monday, April 15, that would increase funding by $150 million and impose stricter accountability requirements on the state's two higher-education systems.

The plan freezes in-state resident tuition at the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system for the next two years and gives the state a greater watchdog role.

"The work in our committee showed a clear need for the Legislature to have a greater role in the oversight of how the U of M and MnSCU are spending public and tuition-raised dollars," said committee chair Gene Pelowski, DFL-Winona, in a statement.

"We found that administrative costs and salaries are growing at an unsustainable rate and students are paying the price with higher tuition and debt. That is unacceptable. The Legislature needs to treat tuition increases with the same level of oversight as tax increases. This bill will start us down the road to a more accountable approach to tuition increases that have a more student-focused approach to budgeting."

The Senate higher education proposal includes about $250 million in new spending.

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