Midwestern Higher Education Compact Selects CampusEAI Consortium’s CampusCloud For Cloud Hosting to Over 1000 Colleges and Universities

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CampusEAI announced that the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC), headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, selected the CampusEAI Consortium’s CampusCloud Hosting Services to provide cost-effective hosting options for postsecondary institutions in the compact’s 12 member states and for postsecondary institutions of MHEC’s sister compact the Western Higher Education Commission for Higher Education’s (WICHE) 15 member states.

MHEC is statutorily charged to provide greater higher education opportunities and services in the Midwestern region of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. One of the MHEC’s strategies for fulfilling this mission is to provide innovative approaches to improving institutional system productivity. MHEC operates a variety of programs designed to accomplish, through collaboration and resource sharing, technology cost savings and services. MHEC’s agreement with WICHE extends the opportunity to the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

As part of MHEC’s agreement with CampusEAI, institutions in MHEC and WICHE member states will be able to select these premiere cloud services:

  • Cloud Storage : CampusCloud offers the institutions cloud storage services to enable them to store important documents, images, videos, e-books securely and share them with convenient and instant accessibility.
  • Virtual Machine Hosting: CampusCloud Virtual Machine (VM) Hosting provides for the institutions to run their business critical enterprise applications on powerful, stable and secure virtual servers accessible to the institutions through their local computers.
  • Web Hosting: The CampusCloud Web Hosting Service allows institutions to place their web pages, publicly viewable pdfs, documents, on the cloud so that they show up on the Internet for their designated urls.

CampusCloud will enable the MHEC and WICHE institutions to:

  • Eliminate unplanned network downtime, outages and other performance issues with CampusEAI’s and MHEC’s service-level agreement
  • Reduce stress, knowing business critical applications will be consistently available to those who need it most – students, faculty and alumni
  • Maintain high performance, availability, stability and security
  • Improve results and efficiency - CampusCloud allows institutions to focus their team on its areas of core strength and not infrastructure
  • Realize greatest return on their investment and achieve strategic and operational goals

CampusCloud is a 24x7x365 high-performance computer cluster, designed to eliminate up front capital expenditures and reduce the utilization of the college’s technical resources to ensure high performance, availability, stability and security. CampusCloud features include: Cloud-based Hosting in SAS 70 II and PCI Compliant Datacenters
Cisco-powered Network, Cisco UCS powered Servers, VMware-powered Virtualization, and NetApp-powered Storage Area Networks (SAN)
Multi-homed, XO, Global Crossing and Level3 - powered Redundant Internet Connectivity Comprehensive Symantec-powered Backup and Recovery Operations
Application & Database Administration and Maintenance – a dedicated team of database engineers and administrators responsible for day-to-day maintenance and upgrades for business critical applications
24x7x365 Network Operations Center staffed by a team of engineers monitoring business critical applications around the clock


More information at CampusEAI.