Middlesex Community College clears the air with smoking ban

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A decade after a smoke-free push was launched, Middlesex Community College today will join 1,177 colleges and universities nationwide that have implemented a smoke-free environment. MCC's new smoke-free policy applies to all students, staff, faculty and visitors to the Bedford and Lowell campuses.

"This is a long time coming, and it's finally here," said Karoline Menezes, 20, chairwoman of the Lowell campus Student Union Government Association, which advocated for the smoke-free policy along with the Smoke-Free MCC Committee of administrators and faculty.

"For students, like myself, who don't smoke, when we walk out the building's doors and there's always a big group of smokers, it's a big concern," added Menezes, of Lowell. "Secondhand smoke has been a very big problem, so this will enhance the quality of life on campus."

The smoke-free policy applies to any property owned or maintained by the college, including exterior open spaces, indoor facilities, on-campus sidewalks, driveways, recreational spaces and parking lots. Smoking will only be allowed in private vehicles, lawfully parked on campus lots.

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