Michigan State U President Lou Anna K. Simon: Diminished Federal Funding For FRIB Will Increase Project's Duration, Costs

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Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon voiced disappointment in proposed funding for the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) that is substantially less than previously planned, saying it will extend the duration and cost of the project.

On Monday, President Barack Obama announced his proposed 2013 budget, which included $22 million for the FRIB at MSU, less than half of the $55 million originally designated for the project.

"Given the fact the Office of Science received a 2 percent increase over last year, we are very concerned that the nuclear physics program was cut 3.8 percent and the level of funding included in Department of Energy budget for FRIB was only $22 million, significantly below the agreed-upon budget of $55 million," Simon said in a statement.

"While we need to review the detailed budget to determine the precise impact this funding level will have on the project, it will inevitably prolong the timeline and increase costs."

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