Michigan Gov. Snyder Proposes 3 Percent Increase in Funding for Higher Education

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Gov. Rick Snyder unveiled his budget proposal to the Legislature today at the Capitol, proposing a 3 percent increase in the budget for community colleges and universities compared to last year.

One of the main goals of the budget is to create success in multiple sectors, Snyder said.

Incentives would be given to community colleges and universities that produce more graduates.

“A college education is the best way to end the poverty cycle,” Lt. Gov. Brian Calley said.

Snyder linked graduates being able to seek jobs to Pure Michigan’s Talent Connection.

There are 76,000 possible job openings, Snyder said.

One of Snyder’s goals is to have each type of funding being tied to an incentive.

Along with an increase in higher education, Snyder plans to increase funding on law enforcement, the criminal justice system and jobs and youth programs.

An increase in competitive grants also is expected.

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