Michigan Business Leaders: Net Impact Of Dwindling State Higher Education Funding 'Undeniable'

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When Domino's Pizza CEO J. Patrick Doyle attended the University of Michigan the total cost was roughly $6,000 a year.

Three decades later, it costs a Michigan native $26,000 a year to attend U-M. And while Doyle, now a multi-millionare, may be able to stomach the expense, he says many middle- and lower-class families "have been through an extraordinary economic challenge" in recent years and are slowly losing the ability to send their kids to college without becoming saddled in debt.

Doyle, other Michigan business leaders, university and college system presidents and higher education experts convened in Lansing on Monday to discuss the state of higher education in Michigan and brainstorm ways the state can remain competitive and affordable despite long-term funding losses.

Conference leaders acknowledged that nation-wide, most states are disinvesting in their public universities but warned that Michigan is one of the states hit hardest by the trend.

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