Md. Cannibalism Case Raises Questions About Troubled Students

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Janelle Stewart said she was alarmed as she listened to the words about human sacrifice tumbling from the mouth of fellow Morgan State student Alexander Kinyua at a widely attended campus forum about hazing.

But the January outburst wouldn't be the only troubling incident involving Kinyua. He was thrown out of the ROTC program that same month after an incident that involved the destruction of property, and he was known to some on campus for carrying a machete and wearing tribal-inspired facepaint.

Those events earlier this year seem portentous now that Kinyua has been charged in back-to-back incidents of violence. He's accused of assaulting another student May 19 and of murdering 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie six days later. Police say Kinyua chopped Agyei-Kodie to pieces and gorged on the man's heart and brain.

Now some are questioning whether there were signs the campus community missed, anything that could have foretold — and prevented — the violence. Recalling the January forum, Stewart, a Morgan senior, says, "An MSU official should have approached him afterward, and should have asked him what he was talking about."

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