McGraw-Hill LearnSmart™

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Beginning this semester, McGraw-Hill Higher Education will make its industry-leading personal digital tutor – McGraw-Hill LearnSmart – available for students to purchase directly. Traditionally, McGraw-Hill has marketed LearnSmart, which is available in almost every subject area, to universities and professors for class-wide adoption, which it will continue to do. But now, students can access LearnSmart on their own – a move the company made because of the solution’s growing popularity and proven effectiveness among students.

Students using McGraw-Hill LearnSmart have been proven to move up a full letter grade by studying smarter, not longer. With LearnSmart, students use their out-of-class study time to answer questions that are related to what they’re learning in their course. The fully digital system acts like a personal tutor, continuously assessing students’ knowledge and skills and providing personalized content and recommendations that help them master basic course concepts and retain their knowledge over time. Because LearnSmart is conveniently accessible online and via mobile apps, the technology and devices that students use every day will power a personalized, study-on-the-go experience that will give them the information and focus they need to ensure success in their courses.

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