McGraw-Hill Education Remote Proctoring Solution Offers Secure Assessment Experience for Online and Blended Courses for Institutions Nationwide

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Exam halls at colleges and universities across the country have been going virtual thanks to the remote proctoring capabilities contained within McGraw-Hill Tegrity Campus. Today, McGraw-Hill Education launched McGraw-Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring, a new service providing the growing number of schools offering online and blended courses with a quick path to securely and efficiently administer exams and other assessments over the Internet. Students enrolled in online or blended courses can now take exams from home or any Internet-enabled location, giving colleges and universities true "test anywhere" capabilities.

To meet the needs of today's students, many institutions are offering online programs and degrees as well as blended courses that combine traditional face-to-face classes with online-based discussions and assignments. Despite the compelling and virtual nature of their offerings, when exam time comes around, institutions have been forced to return to physical on-campus halls or off-campus proctoring sites to comply with industry standards. For many online and blended learning students, the distance between these testing sites and their homes means they are required to travel hours and pay hundreds of dollars to complete an exam. These unexpected costs can be a real challenge for many students.

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