McDavis Floats Idea Of Making Ohio U Into An 'Enterprise University'

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At the first Ohio University Faculty Senate meeting of the fall, President Roderick McDavis discussed a proposal being considered in the Ohio Legislature that would cut red tape for universities in exchange for meeting financial and academic requirements.

Higher education Chancellor Jim Petro presented the proposal, called the Enterprise University plan, to the Ohio General Assembly and Gov. John Kasich in August in order to give universities more autonomy in return for meeting certain criteria.

"The first part of the plan includes mandate relief for universities," McDavis said. "The second part of the plan would require universities to invest an agreed-upon portion of their state share of instruction, or SSI, to a preeminent scholars award or other programs of recognition aimed at keeping and attracting academically successful students in our state."

In a nutshell, the proposal would reduce redundant and outdated mandates and regulations, giving universities more independence by reducing some state supervision, in exchange for returning a yet-to-be-determined percentage of SSI funding. The idea is to give the schools an opportunity to create revenue while reducing expenditure.

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