Mayor Dean Announces Program To Double College Grads

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Nashville Mayor Karl Dean announced a program that helps fulfill his promise of doubling the amount of Metro-Nashville Public School students who graduate from college.

"This is fundamentally the most important thing to me and the most important thing to the city," Dean asserted. "We've got to get this right and if we get it right I think our city is so ideally positioned to do well."

In front of the Downtown Rotary, he asked them to support the SCHoLAR's Academy which stands for Students Choosing Higher Learning and Achieving Success.

"If educators say we're the one who needs this, it comes across somewhat self serving," Richard Rhoda, Executive Director of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission said about Mayor Dean's decision to announce the program to business leaders instead of educators. "It's really has to be seen as education as the means to greater ends like the economy, like business."

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