May budget revision: For California colleges, governor proposes more money, tuition freezes

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California's three college systems would receive more money from the state each year through 2016-17—and would have to freeze tuition—under Gov. Jerry Brown's budget proposal.

Unveiled Tuesday morning, the revised budget plan would give the state's community colleges 30.7 percent more, an extra $1,503, to spend per student by 2017 than it did in 2012. California State University would receive a 33 percent increase during that time—an additional $1,900 per student—and the University of California would get 23.4 percent more, about $2,500.

The governor has long stressed the need for California's higher-education systems to graduate students more quickly, while improving graduation rates.

"Here's the idea: If they get through in four years instead of seven we can have more students, and the students don't borrow as much," so they'll enter the workforce more quickly, Brown said.

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