Matrox Adds Three New Fanless Video Wall Controller Boards to Mura MPX Series

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Matrox Graphics Inc. announced today the introduction of three new fanless MuraTM MPX Series video wall controller boards that build upon  the line’s revolutionary design. Mura is the first PCI Express (PCIe)  x16 Gen 2 board class to feature both HD resolution inputs and outputs.
The new fanless SKUs make use of the same high-performance, single-slot  design with 64 Gbit/sec duplex data transfer and feature four HD outputs and either zero, two, or four HD inputs for maximum I/O flexibility.
The fanless Mura boards have no moving parts, helping to further  increase Matrox’s industry-leading reliability. With the ability to  create quieter systems and a jump to three-year warranties, Matrox  expects a relatively quick OEM adoption of these new Mura cards.

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