Maryland Mulls Response To ACC Lawsuit

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Maryland has yet to respond to the Atlantic Coast Conference’s pre-emptive lawsuit seeking to force the school to pay a $52 million exit fee as it prepares to join the Big Ten Conference.

Not that university president Wallace D. Loh has ever wavered in his belief that the increased fee would be interpreted as a punishment by the courts and therefore an illegal restraint of trade. He was one of two ACC presidents who voted against its implementation in September.

He’s got an ally in that belief. Speaking at the Intercollegiate Athletics Forum in New York City yesterday, Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman said he did not feel the payment could be enforced.

Later at the same event, former Maryland athletic director Debbie Yow -- who has been blamed for creating the deficits that caused seven Terps teams to be cut, pushing Loh to seek a more lucrative conference affiliation -- said what many detractors of the move to the Big Ten have said: “Hope that money is really good."

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