Mark Cuban: 'UT is not enough,' Austin needs another 'major' university

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Dallas billionaire Mark Cuban dispenses his no-holds-barred business advice on ABC’s Shark Tank, where budding entrepreneurs seek money from him and other high-profile investors. Now, he’s offering that same brand of advice to Austin.

In a recent email interview, CultureMap asked Cuban to pinpoint the economic Achilles’ heel of Austin.

“I think it needs more than one major university,” Cuban told CultureMap. “There needs to be some competition and diversity of programs like the [Silicon] Valley, Boston, Pittsburgh and other hot areas have. UT is not enough.”

What constitutes a “major” university? Cuban defines it as a school with a national “consumer reputation” for excellence, as opposed to a school that enjoys a solid reputation only in academic circles. To fill the void, a school would need to embrace “a very high standard for admission, education and graduation,” Cuban said.

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