"Making Lemonade from Combustible Lemons" at UBTech 2012

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IT is one of the largest expenditures for any campus or large business and yet the organization behind it is all too often seen as merely a service or cost center rather than a partner for innovation.

Coinciding with shrinking budgets is a boom in end-user driven technology and the need to support and trouble-shoot an increasing number of tools brought in by early adopters. All the while, we continue to fight the battles to persuade reluctant users to take on even the most basic of technologies. The situation may seem inescapable but it doesn’t have to be.

In the session Making Lemonade from Combustible Lemons Sarah Smith-Robbins will cover powerful ways that IT groups can begin to change the way that they are perceived on campus as well as expanding their value into extraordinary partnerships and positions as visionary thought leaders rather than helpdesk grunts.

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