LSU Considering Research Focused Medical School For Baton Rouge

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LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge is seeking to open a four-year medical school focused on research, and the idea has drawn tentative support from the LSU System Board of Supervisors.

The LSU medical education expansion, still in proposal stages, would be a branch of LSU Health New Orleans. Each of the four years of study would enroll about 25 students, said Pennington Executive Director Steve Heymsfield. There would be a total of 100 total students.

Initially, the school would add students a year at time.

Steve Nelson, dean of LSU Health New Orleans, said the medical school already has regional programs, but expanding to Pennington is one way to offer students more opportunities. He said the possibility of expanding the Lafayette branch at ULL, which is directed toward primary care, is another option.

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