LSU Board Is Urged To Fine-Tune Approach To Budget Cuts

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Baton Rouge -- With state budget cuts expected to reduce the money going to the Louisiana State University system by about 6.8 percent, a member of the Board of Supervisors is calling for a more surgical approach to reductions than the current across-the-board cuts now being contemplated. Board member Stephen Perry of New Orleans said Friday the Board of Supervisors should get more involved when cuts are on the table and look at making cuts to specific programs rather than just divvying up the reductions and leaving the specifics to individual campuses.

"I think we're on the wrong track," Perry said.

Perry got support from Interim LSU System President William Jenkins, who warned the systems are "on the point of implosion" if a new strategy is not developed.

Cuts to higher education are typically dispersed among the six systems and the Board of Regents according to a formula, and LSU uses a similar system to direct the cuts within its system. Overall, higher education is expecting a $66 million cut in state financing next year with LSU bearing about $28 million of those reductions

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