LSU Board Combines Chancellor And President Positions, Considers Realigning University System

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The LSU Board of Supervisors unanimously agreed Friday to merge the two positions of president and chancellor of the LSU system into a single entity. The vote came abruptly at the end of a presentation from the Association of Governing Board of Universities and Colleges on possibly restructuring the university.

Despite the zealousness of the board, some faculty members say they're concerned and disappointed by how the vote was conducted.

"The process started quite some time ago," said Hank Danos, chairman of the Board of Supervisors. "Basically, the board recognized LSU wasn't functioning at full capacity because of our organizational structure. [There are] a lot of silos and a lot of independent entities. And so this is an opportunity to bring those entities together and project for the future."

Officials say combining the positions allows the board to quickly move forward to fill the job once interim president and chancellor William Jenkins departs. Jenkins became the interim president in April and shouldered the additional chancellor responsibilities in May when former chancellor Michael Martin accepted the chancellorship at Colorado State University.

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