Lower Tuition Is The Best Aid For State's Higher-Education Students (Opinion)

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The University of Washington is a state institution, although that's getting hard to believe any more. In 1970 the state covered more than 70 percent of the costs associated with a student getting a bachelor's degree. In the '80s that slipped to just 50 percent.

Today the state pays for less than 30 percent of those costs, leaving students to pay for 70 percent of their state education.

The cost for a full quarter of tuition in my final quarter at the UW is $3,449 โ€” that's 55 percent more than I paid in the first quarter of my freshman year in 2008. If I were to take a fifth year โ€” as many of my peers are forced to do with required courses cut โ€” my tuition would be 88 percent more than my freshman bill.

UW officials announced tuition would increase by 16 percent next year. Double digits, once again. That's on top of a 21 percent increase last year.

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