Local Construction Companies Sue UNR Over Getchell Library Contract

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Two local construction companies have sued the University of Nevada, Reno, claiming violations in January hampered their ability to compete for a $36 million contract to build a new student achievement center.

Attorneys for Q&D Construction and Clark & Sullivan Construction appeared in Washoe District Court on Friday seeking a permanent injunction to halt the project to demolish the Getchell Library and build the student center on its site.

The attorneys also want District Court Judge Lidia Stiglich to order the university to reopen the bidding process.

They also cited monetary damages to their clients’ caused by their staffs spending hours on UNR’s bid and interviews that could have been used pursuing other projects.

Stiglich said she will review the case and plans to have a decision no later than Wednesday.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs claimed the project is a public works project, which has strict requirements on what information must be contained in the advertisements soliciting bids. It also requires the winning bid go to the lowest qualified bidder.

Under Nevada law, advertising for public works projects must include a list of things, including the estimated cost of construction, a list of criteria and the weight each of those will have in deciding who wins the bid.

The bid also must go to the lowest qualified bidder.

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