Local Colleges Ready to Gather, Recycle on Campus

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Three local higher education institutions are competing in a nationwide, eight-week contest to see which can recycle the most on-campus waste.

The University of Evansville, the University of Southern Indiana and Ivy Tech Community College are among more than 600 schools competing in RecycleMania. Sponsors are the Alcoa Foundation and Alcoa Warrick Operations.

Additionally, USI, UE and Ivy Tech will square off in a local contest during the final half of the national event, which concludes March 30.

Alcoa Warrick Operations will award $1,500 to the local challenge winner.

Last year, Alcoa Warrick Operations and the Alcoa Foundation provided recycling bins to USI and UE to help their recycling efforts. This year, Ivy Tech has joined the competition, so it will also receive 100 bins.

UE won last year's local competition and placed first among 10 Indiana schools competing nationally.

USI won a statewide category to see which school could divert the greatest amount of food service organics per person.

Alcoa has a goal to increase the recycling rate of used aluminum beverage cans to 75 percent by 2015, and company officials say RecycleMania will let thousands of college students know they can make a difference.

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