Living In Close Quarters: Campus Housing Crunch At Cornerstone Packs Five Students Into Some Rooms

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Standing inside her dorm room at Cornerstone University Wednesday, Abbigail Stefanek watched as her father brainstormed ways to pull off what seemed like a tricky task: fitting five beds into a room normally used for two.

“It seems a bit crazy because I didn’t expect to be living with four other people,” said Stefanek, a resident of Green Bay, Wis., who’s starting her freshmen year at Cornerstone.

As freshmen began moving into dorms Wednesday morning, more than a few found themselves living in suites – two dorm rooms connected by a shared bathroom – with five roommates.

The rooms are arranged so students sleep in one room and have their desks in the second room. But students can decide to have three students live in one room and two in the other.

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