Lipscomb President To Teach Conflict Resolution

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Lipscomb University President Randy Lowry is no stranger to conflict.

A lawyer, mediator, author, consultant and teacher, he has served clients in conflict management in more than 40 states and on six continents. Even at Lipscomb, Lowry says he employs conflict management strategies on a regular basis.

“I’d like to suggest there’s no conflict whatsoever in the 750 faculty and staff and 5,000 students,” Lowry said, laughing. “But the reality is, we have difficult moments every day, and I hope one of the things we do as a community is learn to deal with those in ways that are effective and also respectful of the people involved.”

This spring, Lowry has teamed up with his son, John, who is also a lawyer, to teach a class with Lipscomb’s Lifelong Learning program. It’s called Peace is Not the Absence of Conflict.

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