Let's help rural students get in the college game, says Virgina Tech football coach

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Today, further education beyond high school is even more important. By 2020, 60 percent of all jobs in America - including Virginia - will require education and training beyond that represented by a simple high school diploma.

Like my mom and dad, we parents owe it to our children to help them find a path to success in education, a career and life. If you don't think an education makes a difference in what a person can earn, please see the nearby chart.

A person without a high school diploma earns about $26,000 per year. With just some college - not necessarily an associate's degree, perhaps just an industry certification - an individual earns just over $40,000 per year. Working for 40 years - ages 22-62 - people with some training and education past high school would earn an additional $560,000 during their career over and above what they might have earned if they had dropped out of high school.

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