Let universities make the call on campus gun restrictions

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“Check your gun at the door” isn’t just a cliché at Kutztown University, it’s now the rule — at least until Kutztown and Pennsylvania’s 13 other state-owned universities can figure out how to reconcile their campus gun bans with the expanded “castle doctrine” law enacted by the state Legislature in 2011.

Kutztown is acting as something of a test case, following the university’s decision last week to change its prohibition on firearms to a policy that allows people with concealed-weapon permits to carry guns on campus — as long as they stay outside and don’t venture into classroom or administration buildings, dormitories and sporting events.

"No guns allowed inside?" This policy raises the distinct possibility that the only people packing heat on campuses will be those who have no business there, or have no connection to the university. It also suggests that the universities, if they are expected to give students and staff the right to carry on campus, will have to build gun lockers outside campus buildings, next to the bike racks.

This is crazy. If administrators want to continue to ban guns on their campuses — with security departments handling storage of student guns for sport shooting, competition and hunting, as is the current policy — they should be allowed to do so.

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