Let’s practice safety An argument in favor of arming Campus Police

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Over the past few years, the talk of guns has become a hot topic. From who should or should not have them to what the law needs to be about getting one. I am not going to get into the specifics of what I think gun laws should be, but there is a topic concerning all of us on the Rhode Island College campus directly. In the past 10 years there have been roughly 28 school shootings.

Each time the question comes up “what could have been done differently?” When it comes to a college campus, the minds go to what protection is on campus. Each college has some kind of security team. Some are armed and others are not.

In R.I. it was recently decided that it would be up to each of the public institutions of higher education whether the officers on campus would be armed or not. Everyone on campus, for one reason or another, decided that this was a bad idea. I believe there are positives to this situation. Imagine walking through Lot D, the parking lot in front of Roberts Hall, at night and someone tried to attack you. A security personnel stationed there at night with a gun is a little more intimidating than someone who is just standing there calling Providence Police. I understand that Providence Police can be here in a few minutes but there are some situations that need fast action.

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