Less wealthy school districts face challenges when getting students to college

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Students who attend a more affluent school district are more likely to go to a four-year college than those in less wealthy districts, according to class of 2013 data collected from every school district in Monroe County and Victor.

The ratio of four-year schools to two-year schools was highest in Pittsford, where 86 percent of students going to college are attending a four-year school. Pittsford is followed by Brighton, Penfield and Fairport.

On the other end, the City School District sends the highest percentage of its college-going students to two-year colleges, with 73 percent going to a two-year school. Gates Chili, East Irondequoit and East Rochester also will send more than half of college freshmen to two-year schools in the fall. College-bound graduates in Greece are split evenly, half to two-year schools and half to four-year colleges.

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