Lehigh University Graduate Who Unsuccessfully Sued Over C-Plus Asks Judge To Reconsider

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The Lehigh University graduate who unsuccessfully sued the school to improve a controversial grade asked Northampton County Judge Emil Giordano to reconsider his decision.

In court documents filed Monday, attorney Richard J. Orloski asked the judge to either grant Megan Thode a new trial or to alter his judgment in her favor. Over the course of a four-day trial earlier this month, Orloski argued Thode was unfairly punished for her views on gay marriage by her student-teacher, Amanda Carr Eckhardt. Thode had achieved a B-plus in the therapy internship course, but Eckhardt gave her zero out of 25 points for class participation, dropping her a full letter grade.

The resulting C-plus, while not a failing grade, did not let her move on in her studies to become a licensed therapist. She eventually received her master's degree, but not in that specialty.

Giordano ruled against Thode, but said he was puzzled about how the university could give her zero points for participation. Case law limited him on overturning the grade, and while Thode's case was believable, he said, it did not prove Eckhardt acted arbitrarily.

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