Legislature Will Tackle Merger Issue

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A partnership. That's what faculty members at Rutgers University in Camden told state Sen. Donald Norcross, D-5th of Camden, they want with Rowan University.

Norcross appeared to buy their argument as he addressed a meeting of more than 100 people at the South Jersey campus Tuesday night.

"We are the stepchild," Norcross said, referring to funding in the Rutgers University system. "The money goes up the turnpike, and we get a fraction of it back. We deserve better, and we will get better."

He cited statistics that Rutgers' sports program receives more funding than the entire Camden campus.

Norcross noted that when Gov. Chris Christie sends the Legislature his plan on the restructuring of the state's higher education system, the governing body will have an opportunity to address the years of underfunding for South Jersey and the Camden campus.

"We, the Legislature, have the opportunity to get this right," he said, adding that he would like to see a rail line connecting Camden with Glassboro, home to Rowan's main campus.

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