Leftism At U Of California Leaves Many With Unbalanced Education, Study Says

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The University of California is a hotbed of leftist faculty and politically correct thinking where many students are receiving a weak and unbalanced education, according to a report by a conservative organization of professors and administrators.

The study by the California Assn. of Scholars repeats objections conservatives have had for decades over what they see as an overwhelmingly liberal academia that stifles dissent. Especially in UC humanities departments, study of classics and rigorous analysis have been replaced by advocacy of a leftist agenda and teaching about the grievances of various minorities, the report says.

"It has reached an extreme where one couldn't not comment," John Ellis, a UC Santa Cruz professor emeritus in German literature and president of the association, said in explaining why his group is releasing the document now.

UC Provost Lawrence Pitts said he disagreed with the findings and insisted that UC allows plenty of intellectual debate. "UC's scholarly success nationally and internationally would not be possible if our faculty were doctrinaire and not subject to having their work forged in the marketplace of ideas," he said.

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