Lebanon Valley College’s 13.3M Dining Hall Is Already Cashing In

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Lebanon Valley College’s (LVC) collaboration with Metz Culinary Management (Metz) to completely renovate its 500-seat Mund Dining Hall has resulted in an increase in both meals served and student participation. According to Metz, this growth is attributed to fresher and healthier food stations. Many of the meals are prepared right in front of dining guests and all selections include nutritional information as part of Metz’s “Health Checks” program.

“Well-prepared and healthy food options are essential for our students’ culinary experience and quality of life,” said Bill Allman, General Manager at Metz Culinary Management. “The new and healthier entrees at Mund Dining Hall, combined with the inherent freshness of our chefs preparing meals out in the open and in front of the students, has elevated satisfaction in the food options at LVC. The numbers have backed that up so far.”

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