Lawsuit May Determine Status Of Course Syllabi At U of Wisconsin Schools As Public Or Exempt

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A pending lawsuit against the University of Wisconsin System may determine whether professors must disclose their course syllabi under the state's Open Records Law or whether the material is exempt under copyright law.

The National Council on Teacher Quality sued the UW System earlier this year for refusing to hand over syllabi for UW's schools of education. The Washington, D.C.-based group, wants to use the information to review the quality of teachers colleges. It is working with U.S. News and World Report to eventually publish the findings.

"Our sense is that these are all public institutions that are preparing teachers for public schools," said Arthur McKee, the teacher quality organization's managing director for teacher preparation studies. "We're getting documents that will allow us to assess the quality of how they train teachers. And that's important information for the public to know."

The group has requested information from more than 1,400 institutions preparing public school teachers, according to the lawsuit.

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