Last Day For Nickname: N.D. Law Repeal Takes Effect Thursday, Transition From ‘Fighting Sioux’ Begins

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Wednesday is the last day that state law requires UND’s athletic teams to be called the Fighting Sioux, and UND officials are preparing a memorandum that will be circulated to all students, faculty and staff about how the transition will proceed.

“It probably will be more of a question-and-answer document on what’s happening and when,” said Peter Johnson, associate vice president for university relations, who is drafting the memorandum with President Robert Kelley and representatives of the UND Athletics Department.

Johnson said the memorandum will be distributed campus-wide by late this week or early next week. It likely will deal with various uses of the nickname and logo by athletic teams and non-athletic groups, events and campus businesses.

Some adjustments already have been made, but others will occur over the next four weeks or so. A few changes may not occur for two or three months, most notably the logo-bearing uniforms worn by UND hockey players. Replacement uniforms are on order, but will not arrive until mid-February, Athletic Director Brian Faison has said.

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