Laserfiche + Microsoft SharePoint = more than the sum of its parts

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It's all very well and good to talk about the need to do more with less—as if this necessity has escaped anyone's attention these days. But how exactly do you achieve this objective in an efficient, rational (and humane) manner? Increasingly, one way organizations are streamlining and gaining efficiencies is through integrating siloed IT systems, eliminating the time-consuming practice of jumping between multiple applications. And when it comes to integration, using enterprise content management (ECM) as integrative middleware offers profound advantages.

The Laserfiche-SharePoint (SP) integration perfectly illustrates how ECM software provides more key features to make business process management—and workers—more efficient. For example, as the deployment of SP sites has accelerated, so has the unstructured content created by these sites. SP users are now able to look into Laserfiche through links in SP, and can retrieve Laserfiche and SP content simultaneously from the SP interface. (Organizations that create large amounts of content through SP will find this integrated search capability especially appealing as it capitalizes on Laserfiche's ability to efficiently store voluminous content collections, helping users to keep the size of their SP site within limits.)

Also, prior to this integration, SP offered no simple way to handle scanned paper. However, now integrating scanned paper documents into collaborative functions is easily and quickly managed with Laserfiche's intuitive document capture and imaging functionality. Paper documents can be scanned directly from SP into Laserfiche.

"As soon as a document is scanned, Laserfiche Workflow creates a task link in SP for efficient task management and easy access to all associated documents," says Linda Ding, education program strategist for Laserfiche. "And when a document has finished processing, SP records can be stored directly into Laserfiche for central archival and security."

Laserfiche's Records Center Service is especially critical for organizations, particularly those where compliance is a concern, says Ding. "Not only do they need to know how long a given record must be retained according to compliance requirements, they need to make sure the integrity of the records is maintained for the duration," she explains. "And this is where the Laserfiche record management component kicks in."

The Laserfiche-SharePoint integration maximizes the strengths of both systems—SP's unified business collaboration platform and Laserfiche's document imaging and turnkey transactional content management for core business processes. If your organization is looking for ways to leverage SharePoint in accounts payable, contract management, HR onboarding or other critical business functions, visit to see how Laserfiche can help. 

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