Lamar State College-Orange opens new nursing building

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The start of the fall semester at Lamar State College-Orange saw the opening of a new nursing building designed by PBK’s Higher Ed Division. This 32,500 square foot structure was fast-tracked by Lamar State College (LSC) to serve their growing nursing program. LSC’s nursing division is the largest in the college, with approximately 80 RN and 160 VN students accepted into the program each year.

Gina Simar, Director of the Allied Health Division, said that the college believes that the new nursing building will increase future enrollment in the nursing division. Gina also added that there are plans in place to hire additional accomplished faculty to meet their growing needs.

The new facility was design so that each space receives natural light. Large windows fill the expansive joint student lounge and entry. Durable materials and clean lines decorate the space. “We love the building and it’s design not only because it is beautiful, but because we had a say in it,” says Gina Simar, “We were a part of the planning process and it worked fabulously.”

The nursing facility is equipped with classrooms, lecture halls, computer labs and hands-on nursing practice spaces such as a simulation lab and competency lab. The simulation lab has left new students amazed and the more senior students in awe of the upgraded facility. Collaboration spaces are also strategically placed throughout the facility to provide students with the necessary space to interact and proactively engage their studies. These applied learning areas will help educate and instruct future nurses in the best possible healthcare practices.

By fast-tracking the Nursing building, all designing and construction was completed within 13 months and under budget. The building was designed to LEED Certification standards. Materials used were selected for their lasting suitability and energy efficiency and many contained recycled content. An 11,000 gallon water cistern captures rainwater and condensate from the air conditioning unit. To minimize the environmental impact regional materials were used when possible. The site’s impact on electrical light usage is limited due to large amounts of daylight in many spaces.

Now that the nursing program has moved into the new facility, the pharmacy and EMT programs are expanding into the previous nursing building. PBK hopes that LSC’s new nursing building will help energize the educational process and continue a proud legacy for the students and community.

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