KVCC Part-Time Instructors Union Files Unfair Labor Charge Against the Community College

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The part-time instructors' union at Kalamazoo Valley Community College has filed an unfair labor charge against the institution with the Michigan Employment Relations Commission, the KVCC Federation of Teachers announced Monday.

Beginning in the fall, part-time faculty would be limited to nine contact hours a semester, according to an email sent out to KVCC department chairs April 16. Previously, the maximum amount allowed per semester had been 11 credit hours, as stated in the part-time faculty handbook.

"Most of our members are rehired from one semester to the next and rely solely on the modest income we earn teaching classes at KVCC. This unilateral change will mean drastic reductions in work and pay for instructors with proven track records," said Kelly O'Leary, co-president of the KVCC Federation of Teachers. "If the college wants to change its stated policy to decrease our maximum weekly hours, the change cannot be made unilaterally. It must be proposed at the collective bargaining table."

Stating that the administration had not yet seen the charge against it, Mike Collins, vice president of college and student relations at KVCC, declined to comment on the issue at this time.

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