Kolbe Windows in UVA Bavaro Hall

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Entering its third century in 2020, University of Virginia (UVA) positions its campus for continued growth and success as it continues the vision of its founder, Thomas Jefferson, for an "academical village" in which learning would be an integral part of daily life. Contributing to UVA's enduring vision and the architectural tradition established by Jefferson, Kolbe's windows and doors are featured on several campus buildings including the renovated Rouss Hall and Monroe Hall, and the new LEED® Gold certified Bavaro Hall.

"Kolbe established a reputation with UVA for being able to accommodate all types of products on many different projects," explains Tom Sanders, general manager of Shenandoah Sash and Door. "The buildings from Jefferson's time were designed with extremely tall windows to maximize both the natural light and ventilation. Some of the oldest buildings on campus have triple hung windows where the sash could be positioned in the middle of the opening to promote cross ventilation, or positioned at the top of the opening to function as a doorway."

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