Kindle Takes Aim At College Textbook Market

Sharon Rieger's picture hopes to give college bookstores a run for their money by offering textbooks for sale and rent on the Kindle, its electronic reader.

College bookstores -- including the University of Colorado's official bookstore and the Colorado Bookstore on University Hill -- are watching the trend carefully, but so far, students seem to prefer old-fashioned textbooks.

"It was easier to get distracted if it was on a screen," said Genevieve London, a CU junior majoring in evolutionary biology, of her experience with online textbooks. "It's easier to study from the hard copy. Now that I've been doing this for a while, I kind of have a system down."

Through Kindle, students can rent textbooks for 30 days at a cost of up to 80 percent less than the list price for the hard-cover book. Students also can take notes and highlight passages and still access them online after they return they book. 

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