Kids Have Fun And Learn, Too, At HCC Summer Camp

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The sign inside Howard Community College's Hickory Ridge Building pointed to a summer camp class called "Oooo, Goo and Stinky Too: Gross Science." Inside the classroom, elementary school kids discovered how inventive they could be with household products, mixing corn starch, cocoa and red dye to make fake blood and fueling toy rockets with Alka Seltzer.

The hands-on class is among dozens offered during HCC's Kids on Campus, a summer education enrichment program for youths ages 7 to 17 that is celebrating its 25th year.

Like many local summer programs, Kids on Campus offers students alternatives to endless hours of video game playing and shopping mall visits, and keeps a classroom instruction environment going at a time of year when students are said to often lose information learned during the previous school year.

HCC uses its resources, then draws from the community to give kids experiences they likely won't get in normal classroom settings. In "Gross Science," they are encouraged to make concoctions that some folks might consider, well, gross.

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