Key College in Dania Beach is home to nationally accredited court reporting program

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Key College’s ( Real Time Court Reporting Program, a two-year program taught on campus in Dania Beach and available worldwide online, provides students with an indispensable and very marketable skill. Court Reporters capture information and convert it into digital and readable form essential in the court room, in the news room and in many aspects of business.

Graduates are hired in positions for Judicial Reporting, Broadcast Captioning, Cyber-Conferencing, Web Casting, CART (Communication Access Real Time Provider) as well as businesses needing captioning services.

According to Ron Dooley, President and CEO of Key College, “For the past six years, we have placed 100% of our court reporting graduates in successful jobs with salaries that are outstanding. Many of our graduates are now earning on average $65,000 and more per year.”

Among the benefits the Real Time Court Reporting Program at Key College offers include:

• Career placement with 100% success rate

• Employer recognized top tier intuition (ERTTI)

• Award-winning program director

• Small class size

• Hands on training

• Industry certified instructors

• Flexible class schedule

• Accredited by ACICS*

• Prepares graduates for immediate employment

Lynette Eggers, Assistant Director, Educational Services at the National Court Reporting Association (NCRA), states, “Court Reporting is a skill that can take your career in so many directions, from TV to education and from business to charitable work. I know of no other opportunity in education today that offers such diversified fields as court reporting.”

Key College has been sought out by employers for well-trained court reporters such as the Supreme Court, court reporting agencies all over the country, national and local network television for closed captioning positions, and much more.

Key College also offers programs in Computer Aided Design, Medical Assistant Specialist, Paralegal and its online school. Key College’s mission is to provide career oriented, post-secondary programs of study in these select disciplines consistent with the most current needs of business, industry and the labor force. Key College is accredited by: *Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) Licensed by Commission for Independent Education (CIE).