Keep universities open to Michigan students

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Michigan’s premiere public universities are attracting more students from outside the state — and even the country. And while Michigan could use an influx of young talent, more space at schools like the University of Michigan and Michigan State University should be saved for qualified Michigan students.

Some of Michigan’s 15 state universities are reporting record enrollments, and that’s a good thing for the state’s future economy. Grooming the talents of the next generation of Michigan’s workforce is essential.

But these blooming enrollments, especially at U-M and Michigan State, are increasingly bolstered by students who come from outside Michigan. While some point to this trend as positive, it shouldn’t come at the expense of shutting out in-state students from the best Michigan universities.

A recent survey of Michigan university graduates by the Detroit Regional Chamber found that 63 percent stayed in Michigan six months after commencement, but only 25 percent of those grads were from outside the state. It’s much easier to keep young people who grew up here, and preserving talented youth is the goal.

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